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Clash of ideologies in post-colonial education systems: Convergences and divergence

Show simple item record Felix Maringe, Amasa P. Ndofirepi & Ruksana Osman 2022-06-01T07:34:18Z 2022-06-01T07:34:18Z 2021
dc.identifier.isbn 978-1-77634-196-2
dc.description.abstract The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the decolonisation of higher education (HE) are the next big ideologies that contribute to the development of HE, especially in post-colonial societies. Are these discourses complementary or oppositional? Whilst the 4IR is based on global developments and imperatives, the decolonisation of HE is growing out of more localised contexts of discontent in countries that have been subjected to experiences of colonial occupation over long periods in their histories. It can thus be said that the discourses of the 4IR represent a centre to periphery model of development, whilst those of decolonisation trace a periphery to centre approach. We argue in this chapter that because of the dispersed and uncoordinated nature of peripheries, the momentum for decolonisation is likely to be swept away by the force of a stronger and more coordinated impetus from the centre. Effectively what this means is that by design or by sheer coincidence, unless post-colonial scholarship remains true to the ideals of decolonisation, the momentum for decolonisation will be swept away by a more powerful discourse of the 4IR. This would be another victory of the centre over the periphery and would mark a strengthening of the stranglehold of a largely Western ideology over an emerging ideology from the peripheries of the post-colonial world. The chapter develops this argument by providing a critical discussion of key conceptual ideas first and utilising complexity theory to examine the extent to which the two ideological positions converge or diverge, and in whose interest. The chapter then draws some implications related to how the two ideologies can contribute mutually to the development of societies in post-colonial societies. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher AOSIS Publishing en_US
dc.title Clash of ideologies in post-colonial education systems: Convergences and divergence en_US
dc.type Book chapter en_US

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